An Integrated Restaurant Management Solution with the workflow and tools you need to manage your day-to-day tasks, control costs, and oversee your business.  Using the principles of mise en place, OrderProphet introduces efficiency and productivity to your operation so that you can refocus your resources to growth.


Perpetual Inventory Management


OrderProphet cuts costs by maintaining perfect, consistent inventory levels – and simultaneously reduces expensive out-of-stock occurrences.

  • • Inventory Control:  Maintain inventory in real-time as soon as sales are made or deliveries received.  With direct connection to your point of sale, OrderProphet recognizes sales without the need for manual entry.
  • • Inventory Optimization:  Send ‘just in time’ reorder alerts according to real-time needs.  Current inventory levels, anticipated demand, and your current menu are considered along with other factors: such as thaw times, shelf life, and product loss.  OrderProphet calculates  precisely what you need and when you need it.
  • • Improve cash-flow with ‘just-right’ inventory levels:  Perfect your ordering and avoid spoilage and loss – while eliminating ‘out-of-stock’ incidents.
Central Ordering to all Suppliers


One Click, One Order, All Suppliers

  • • Place just one order; OrderProphet will then communicate to each vendor via their preferred method whether it is Email, Fax, SMS, API, FTP, API, or even Phone.
  • • Act smarter with auto-generated suggested ordering:  Simplify the procurement process by suggesting orders according to past patterns, predicted sales, and par levels.
    • ° Order quickly and efficiently with user-defined lists and order history.
    • ° Use your menu as an ordering guide; select an item to add all or a few recipe ingredients to an order.
  • • Have it all at your finger tips:  Put all your products, pricing, and vendors on one simple site.
    • ° Automate the addition and maintenance of all vendor order guides.
    • ° Check prices across the board through our online platform and track costs in real time.
    • ° Shop for products based on price and reviews; access discounted group pricing.
Receiving and Tracking of Deliveries for Restaurants


With a Simple Mobile Tracking Board, easily validate the accuracy of each Delivery against the original Purchase Order.  Ensure that prices on delivery receipts match what you have been quoted.

  • •  Check deliveries against the original purchase order: use tablet or mobile to record direct at the point of activity, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • •  Easily track shorts, price variance, and errors:  and immediately reconcile all issues with the vendor directly.
  • •  Delegate receiving activity: while still overseeing and providing final sign-off.
Digitize your Invoices.


OrderProphet offers simple methods to digitize your invoices.  Reduce risk while adding efficiency, oversight, and productivity.

  • •  Easily digitize invoices: via mobile scanning, e-invoices (invoices sent to your email), vendor portal, or user input.
    • ° Access invoice and payment data anywhere, at any time.
    • ° Gain insight using data which for many has become digitized for the first time.
  • •  Integrate with your accounting system:  eliminating the need for double entry by sending invoices and related data to your accounting system (i.e. Quickbooks, Xero).
  • •  Reconcile invoices directly to orders and deliveries:  staying on top of your payables, and when needed, taking the appropriate reconciling action.
    • ° Hold or dispute an invoice with just a few clicks.
    • ° Use OrderProphet to directly resolve vendor disputes.
Real-time Oversight & Big-Data Analytics


OrderProphet provides you with the real-time data, custom controls, and rules-based workflow.  You can delegate responsibility without losing control or risking the occurrence of operational issues, costly errors, or employee fraud & abuse.

  • •  Easily delegate user roles & responsibilities: with custom user permissions to support your current operation.
    • ° Specify which events should trigger alerts.
    • ° Identify who should receive which notification.
  • •  Set ordering limits and budgets: by location, date range, vendor, or product category.
    • ° Create alerts and workflow to react to breach of limits or budgets.
  • •  Put in place low inventory alerts: notifying you whenever an item is needed.
    • ° With a single click, automatically add these low inventory items to your next order.
  • •  Get a real-time view of your cash-flow:  connecting to your bank account and importing your bank and credit card balances and transaction history.  Automatically categorize and reconcile each transaction and expense.
    •  ° Monitor your finances and cash-flow in real-time – initiating email/text notification whenever potential cash-flow issues are forecast.


Not Only 100% Free; We Pay You!

Earn rewards exchangeable for cash and products based on the volume of food and supply orders placed through OrderProphet.  After rebates, OrderProphet is able to offer access to term and merchant loans at a lower cost.

Latest Technology

OrderProphet uses the most advanced technology to ensure real-time digitization of data sourced via order and product guides, invoices, receipts, and more.  Cloud-based data capture and OCR with machine learning ensures not only accuracy – but also that OrderProphet learns from its mistakes!

Access and Transparency

OrderProphet provides you with the tools and data to shop for products (and screen vendors) based on price and peer reviews.  Order products (either identical or similar) from outside your existing vendor relationship network.  Use OrderProphet to manage existing vendor relationships – and to establish new ones.  Access discounted group pricing for many food and supply distributors, manufacturers, and growers.



Please reach out if you have any questions, are interested in becoming a beta tester, and / or would like to contact us regarding possible partnerships or employment opportunities.